P2E2 Past Events

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November 19: Tour of UltraPoly Facility

August 20: Tour of Walmart Distribution Center

June 25: Tour of Mack Trucks Facility


November 6: Tour of Benco Dentistry

August 7: PEDA & NGV Grant Outreach / Tour of P&G Facility

February 20: Hess Energy Corp: Demand Side Response


November 14: Northeast Carthage & Recycling Solutions

September 6: Marcellus and Natural Gas End Use Planning and
Implementation Summit

August 22: Tour of BP Energy’s Wind Farm

August 13: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Event


October 30: PADEP Seminar and Natural Gas Grant Program

September 24: Webinar: Choosing Safer Sanitizers and Disinfectants

September 17-23: Pollution Prevention Week: Safer Chemicals for a Safer World

July 19: Carbon County Environmental Education Center

June 12: Online Resources for Safer Chemical Assessments

May 21: Green Chemistry in Action: Lubrication Technologies Develops Water Based Paint Booth Cleaner

May 4: The Road to Efficient Fleets – The Future Is Compressed Natural Gas

April 3: Introduction to GreenScreen™

March 15: ISO50001 Workshop


November 4: Continuing Education Opportunity Professional Development Courses for Engineers: Getting the Waters Tested-The Marcellus Shale Factor

November 19: LEED® Green Associate Exam Prep

August 19: Chrin Brothers Landfill Gas-to-Energy project

June 21: Pocono Raceway: 3MW Solar Farm


October 20: Combined Heat and Power Reducing Workshop

October 7: GBACPA Northeast Branch Steering Committee Reception

October 7: Tom Szaky, Co-founder and CEO of TerraCycle, Inc.

August 13: Environmental Management at Knobel’s


November 19: Case Study: Dickinson’s Sustainability Initiatives

August 20: Sustainability at Sanofi Pasteur

May 13-15: 2009 Annual PAEP Conference

February 19: Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority


November 13: Energy Connect: Get paid to reduce your electricity usage!

August 21: Green Roofs Energy Efficiency and Partnering

May 7-9: 2008 Annual PAEP Conference

February 21: PPL East Mountain Business Center

Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Roundtable (P2E2) Meeting/Holiday Mixer at Susquehanna Brewing Company, Luzerne County.

On the evening of December 14, the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Professionals (PAEP) P2E2 Roundtable held its fourth quarterly meeting at the Susquehanna Brewing Company (SBC).  The owner of the brewery is a descendent of the Stegmaier family and personally provided the one hour tour for our group. The production of beer is very energy-intensive and requires significant amounts of water, compressed air, lighting and refrigeration. According to the Brewers Association, refrigeration, packing and compressed air consume 70% of U.S. breweries’ electricity use.  The SBC Pittston-based brewery is very popular in the region and has incorporated water conservation, recycling and energy efficiency practices into their process operations. SBC uses direct injection of pressurized steam at twice the speed of sound for a 3-dimensional boil.  This allows for 100% of heat transfer. SBC also utilzes a heat exchanger to heat the product from 38F to 140F, a one-hundred year old brewing practice that developed to minimize the amount of wood the brewer would have to chop and coal they would need to provide to fuel the process.  SBC is tuned into process efficiency, they are aware that if they can extract 10% more sugar in the process, they can decrease their raw material purchases, chemical purchases and reduce their carbon emissions. SBC is continuously looking for ways to decrease their production costs but will not sacrifice quality.  In addition, Dr. Marleen Troy, Wilkes University, was presented with an award for her 20 years of service to the Roundtable. A holiday mixer hosted by the RT co-chairs followed with pizza, specialty SBC craft beverages and soft drinks. The event lasted from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and everyone had a relaxing time networking in SBC’s tasting room. Raspberry white chocolate beer was the featured holiday brew. The brewing industry is making strides in satisfying beer lovers and energy efficiency enthusiasts alike! Like peanut butter and chocolate for us environmentalists!

 Anyone interested in the beer making process can read more at http://blog.beeriety.com/2009/07/06/how-beer-is-made/.  Also, SBC stated that they are very happy to be serving on the PA legislative committee for breweries.