Membership/Recruiting/Retention (MRR) Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the MRR Committee is to promote the benefits of PAEP membership to current and prospective members with the goal of sustaining and increasing membership in PAEP.
The MRR Committee is designed to assist other PAEP committees with promoting the benefits PAEP membership provides, retaining current members and recruiting new members, and promoting member involvement in PAEP by assisting with volunteer identification and alignment. As a result, the MRR Committee is an integrated part of other PAEP committees, whereas membership functions and benefits are managed through partnership between Membership and other PAEP committees.

Professional Development Committee

Purpose: Focuses on providing training, education, networking, and other professional development opportunities through our PAEP webinar series and career development opportunities.

The Professional Development Committee is committed to promoting the growth and advancement of environmental professionals by providing education for PAEP professionals, student members, non-profit members, and other environmental professionals. Our training addresses environmental skills and proficiency with respect to applicable statutes and environmental regulations, standards of conduct and ethics. Wherever possible, such training and dissemination of information considers the results of environmental litigation, new federal or state regulations, and scientific research.

The geographic Sections of PAEP are coordinated under the Professional Development Committee.  The Committee collaborates with Section leadership to organize regional, in-person networking and professional development opportunities, such as socials meetings, organization outings, and volunteer events.

Conference Committee

Purpose: The Conference Committee facilitates the continued successful planning, implementation, and conduct of the PAEP Annual Conference and Training Symposium (conference).

The PAEP’s annual conference is the organization’s flagship event and serves to further the PAEP’s mission to be the interdisciplinary organization dedicated to developing the highest standards of ethics and proficiency in the environmental professions. Each year, the conference committee is formed to lead the planning and execution of the PAEP conference.

The conference committee identifies potential locations for conferences; provides conference planning for adherence to PAEP conference policies; provides guidance and support to the planning and execution of conferences; seeks and recruits presenters and speakers; and promotes speaker and presentation to encourage attendance of the conference.

Awards/Scholarship Committee

Purpose: Benchmarks professional accomplishment and environmental achievement within Pennsylvania.

For decades PAEP has recognized the efforts of hard-working and ambitious professionals, practitioners and students in the environmental fields through our Walter Lyon, Karl Mason Awards, and the Gifford Pinchot, Maurice Goddard, and Zulene Mayfield Scholarships. The Zulene Mayfield Scholarship is the newest PAEP scholarship that was launched in 2023, recognizing students in underrepresented groups.

Administration and Finance Committee

Purpose: The     purpose of the Administration and Finance Committee        is to manage the organization’s financial program and raise funds to ensure the financial viability and stability of the organization. It also ensures the smooth operations of PAEP and oversees all administrative functions through volunteer and/or contractor management.

The Administration and Finance Committee is a standing committee that would manage the financial software, monitor the organization’s expenditures, and manage the organization’s funds received.  The committee prepares the annual budget and makes recommendations to the board. The fundraising side of this committee would look for opportunities, or solicit ideas from the membership, for ways to raise funds to sustain the organization. The committee would also oversee the planning, development, management, and implementation of the organization’s fundraising plan. In addition, the committee will be responsible for administrative functions such as managing membership directories, and managing all volunteer efforts or contractors that assist with PAEP administration.  The Chair of this committee would default to the board elected treasurer.

Marketing and Communication Committee (Social Media)

Purpose: The Marketing and Communication Committee is a standing committee with the goal of managing and promoting marketing materials and maintaining a website and social media presence.

The Marketing and Communication Committee must work closely with many other committees, as there are communications aspects needed for the success of other committee efforts.  Marketing and Communication goes together with fundraising activities to provide promotion of events.  A strong online presence and communications plan will be essential to sustaining and increasing PAEP membership.  Events of the Professional Development and the Annual Conference will require effective marketing and communication to drive up participation and attendance rates.

The marketing committees will create awareness of the good work that PAEP does by creating marketing campaigns, promoting events, creating advertising, and posting on social media platforms. This committee will manage all printed and online media. This committee will also manage the website directly or oversee someone who does.