Please review the following guidance that was developed by the PAEP Board of Directors to prevent misuse of this service and to standardize the posting of resumes.

  1. All resumes posted on the PAEP website will be viewable by the general public, in order to assure maximum exposure. This service is therefore not appropriate for any member requiring confidentiality as to a current employer. Because access is not restricted to PAEP members, PAEP also recommends that residential address and telephone number information be removed from any posted resume. By posting a resume on the PAEP website, the poster affirms that they have read and carefully considered the above, that they voluntarily assume all risk of posting such information, and that they release PAEP from any liability arising from such posting or the use of posting information by any person.
  2. PAEP makes no guarantee that the posted resume will lead to employment.
  3. PAEP offers no warranty, and assumes no responsibility, for the truthfulness and accuracy of information contained in posted resumes.
  4. This service is provided only to current PAEP members in good standing. Students may also post resumes on the website, provided they are current student members.
  5. Resumes will remain on the site for a period of sixty (60) days. The owner of the resume may request additional thirty (30) day increments of posting, as long as they remain a PAEP member. This request should be done in writing (letter or email) to the PAEP Business Manager (gro.PEAPnull@ofni).
  6. Resumes should be sent to the PAEP Business Manager (gro.PEAPnull@ofni). Resumes should be posted with white backgrounds, and contain no pictures or other graphics. Resumes should be limited to no more than five (5) pages.
  7. No cover letters or other attachments will be posted with the resumes.
  8. Files should be named for the title or expertise held by the resume poster, (i.e. “Environmental Scientist.pdf” or “Sr. Project Manager.pdf”). The website will list resume files in this fashion to facilitate the easy selection of pertinent resumes by employers.
  9. No corrections to spelling, typos, or other formatting issues will be provided by PAEP. Resumes will be posted as received.
  10. Resumes that do not follow the above guidance for submission will not be accepted.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Terri Breon, PAEP Business Manager, at gro.PEAPnull@ofni.