Post a Position

This form allows anyone to submit a position application, even without being a member of PAEP. However, non-members must set up an account to submit any forms. If you don’t have an account and password, continue filling in the form, using a valid email account in the “your email” block. All other lines on the form are used to describe the position. Press “Save Draft”. Close the website and reopen. Log into the site as a member. At this point select “Register” to set a password. You will need to fill out the top half of the form. After you have saved this information, you may need to log into the site one more time to gain access to the Careers Dashboard page.

Your announcement will appear on the Careers Dashboard page. Review it and click “Submit”.

Your completed form will be reviewed by the PAEP staff (a check to insure your announcement is legitimate) who will okay it. Once okayed, the announcement will post to the Career Opportunities page. You will have the ability to edit or delete the announcement from this page.

Leave this blank if the location is not important

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