PAEP offers several diversified programs, all geared to promoting, expanding and encouraging the environmental profession and its practitioners.

  • Our events include tours of facilities that have incorporated state-of-the-art operations, equipment and processes to reduce or eliminate waste and improve their environmental stewardship. Participants have the unique opportunity to see back-of-the-house facilities and operations, ask questions of the operators, and learn how the employment of new technologies and methods can make an impact on our environmental footprint.
  • Other events provide opportunities to network with other professionals in the field. Networking is very important for practitioners to reach out to other professionals who may have experience we do not and to whom we can pose questions. These casual gatherings allow us to get to know our peers in a comfortable environment, while providing opportunity to expand one’s knowledge on current issues.
  • PAEP holds an annual conference for the Association’s membership to come together. The three-day event offers educational programming and recreational activities.
  • To increase interest in environmental studies, PAEP has partnered with other organizations to conduct one-day hands-on excursions for high schoolers. Additionally…
  • …each year we award scholarships to individuals enrolled in environmental programs at the college level.
  • Each year, the Association honors two fellow environmental professionals with the Karl Mason and Walter Lyon Awards, as a way to recognize their contribution to our profession.
  • Our affiliate organization, Pollution Prevention / Energy Efficiency Roundtable, affectionately referred to as P2E2, offers industry an opportunity to showcase their efforts in environmental mitigation and energy conservation, with tours and programs to expose professionals to actual field efforts and the results, good and bad.
  • We have financially contributed to the Pennsylvania Conservation Heritage Program – a web-based library of conservation efforts in Pennsylvania, honoring key individuals who propelled the environmental movement forward. The Pennsylvania Chapter is part of a national effort to record the history of environmental activities, legislative actions, and identify individuals who have contributed to our understanding of environmental stewardship throughout our country.