P2E2 – Benefits

Through networking with peers, Pollution Prevention / Energy Efficiency (P2E2) Roundtables provide your company with valuable information that can help to increase your bottom line, improve product quality, increase production and energy efficiencies and reduce environmental liabilities. Meetings can include formal presentations and plant tours, as well as networking and informal information sharing among members.

P2E2 roundtables provide a forum for business and industry to meet face-to-face on a regular basis to discuss the implementation of pollution prevention and environmental improvement programs, exchange ideas about successful and unsuccessful environmental approaches and techniques, hear about new environmental initiatives and provide input to environmental programs.

Business and industry provide the leadership for the roundtable meetings, and members decide topics of interest to be covered during the meetings. DEP provides meeting support.

The P2E2 Roundtable of PAEP will continue to be a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to each other’s understanding of environmental and sustainable concerns, willing to assist and mentor others and transfer the wealth of knowledge gained form years of interaction and peer to peer exchanges into something better and even more exciting to benefit Pennsylvania, the environment, and our communities.